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Looking for Spriter(s) for Torn Skies


Torn Skies (full name: Dawn of Shadows I: Torn Skies) is a work-in-progress fantasy RPG that is planned to be the first in a trilogy. Its most notable feature is that the player will be able to make major decisions that will be reflected in the game's story. Another notable feature is that, after the initial/main campaign, the player will be able to play as other characters from the story and see how their stories intertwine with the main story.
We are also currently playing with the idea of this being a prototype for a version to be made in Unreal Engine, though that is not entirely set in stone. We could also decide to make the trilogy entirely in RPG Maker.
If you'd like to join the team permanently, that'd be wonderful, but we also understand if you're unable/unwilling to join on a permanent basis and would just like to help with Torn Skies.

The main campaign of Torn Skies centers around a human character (who is created by the player) who falls into a world that they were not intended to be in. The player has a choice between 8 male and 8 female characters, each with their own distinct personalities.
The other characters are:

Nathan Bishop - A young man whose honor has been compromised and wishes to restore his good name.

Benjamin Mitchell - A former mercenary who gave up his life of bounty hunting to find his lover.

Clahadore Merlinus - A trader turned sorcerer who wanders the world, looking for a reason to live.

Basara Va'naxea - An arrogant, imposing powerhouse of brute force with a target in focus.

Liz Torres - A ditzy, unhinged bounty hunter chasing down her next paycheck.

Positions Available/Currently Filled
Spriter 0/1
By "sprites", we mean the on-map character sprites. We are not using battlers, as the battle system is entirely on the map. We are using a plugin that allows for 8-directional sprites as well as multiple poses.
If more than one person shows interest/joins, that's fine, but if so we would like for everyone's style to be able to match the style of the tileset we are using (Celianna's Ancient Dungeons series of tileset packs), especially if they are able to match each other's styles.
There are no deadlines, but please try to give a rough ballpark/idea of how long it'll take you to complete the tasks. We won't demand you work nonstop on something for us, we'll just want a head's up ("hey, just so you know, I'm going to be away from the computer for x reason for y amount of days").
Unfortunately we are unable to give monetary compensation, though we would completely be willing to if we could. We understand if that means some people are uninterested in helping.
We would prefer if the sprites are not made publicly available, as many sprites will be specific to the world of Torn Skies (such as characters, enemies, and bosses).

Concept art/Screenshots/Demos/Other information

The placeholder sprites for the player's starting character and for the "???" character

The 8 female characters

The 8 male characters

Selecting a class as part of the tutorial

If you want more information about Torn Skies, you can look at its main development thread here: https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/dawn-of-shadows-i-torn-skies.64848/

Thank you for your time and for looking through this post! If you're interested, feel free to send a PM or reply to this thread.
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