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1 month Zombie Game Battle


Staff member
Resource Team
Game Name: Unknown at this time
Game Type: Full Game
Game Genre: Zombie
Download Link: Available After Information
Other Information: If someone is looking into doing a fun little battle, I wish to challenge someone. On January 1st - January 30th I'd like to battle someone in creating a fun little zombie game.

If you're interested put your name below, the first person to do so will be accepted in the battle.

You will have from the moment you get accepted to January 1st to plan out your game, however you cannot start making said game until the first.


Staff member
If the game making starts on the 1st, how long do we have to make the game? Hopefully NOT until the 30th....
[doublepost=1483203813,1483022344][/doublepost]Just let me know when you are ready. Disregard the time limitations, that I mentioned. ;)