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RMMV Pixacrea 0.03

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You start on your 18th birthday deciding to become a Pixa Battler, after taking a small test you're given a Pixa as your starting companion which you'll then be able to level up, and go through the world battling others. The game will have some basic creature collecting mechanics you'd expect in any game of the genre, as well as some not so unique features such as how to gain extra Pixas. This game is being developed around the board game my company is developing, and will feature elements as such. After defeating an enemy you'll get random items, these can range from a Pixa to add to your PC which you'll be able to add to your party from, to equipment that will help you out along your journeys. An entirely Pixelated world at your disposal with a linear quest to follow, extra content to branch out in, puzzles, fights, and legendary Pixas to find. Oh, on top of all of this, there's literally tons of references/easter eggs in the game. These range from anime, older cartoon and games. There's only 4 elements in the game as well, Earth (an even mixture of gameplay), Fire (more combat oriented), Water (Defensive and Tank filled), and finally Soul (Healing/Support). Each one has it's own unique playstyle and abilities that can both compliment one another.

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Latest updates

  1. Quick Fix & QoL

    Fixed some issues Not being able to go back into the lab after you leave it Black screen when...
  2. Hot Fix

    Fixed a bug where you couldn't open up any doors.
  3. Minor Fixes

    There was an error with one of the maps not being able to claim Pixa Shards after battle.