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Advanced Fishing System

RMMV Advanced Fishing System 1.1

No permission to download

This demo is for anyone who wishes to use my custom made event Fishing System for RMMV. It's similar to pokemon and other games, and has a fun mini game that's not just auto catch. You have to wait until the Exclimation mark actually pops up, and you hear the noise in order to hit ENTER. If you do it before then you won't get a fish, if you do it too late, the fish will have gotten away.

There's 2 options in the Demo. An easy Event which is a simple event processing, and a complex one with three different versions so every time you try to fish it'll be different lengths you'll have to wait.


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  1. Minor Fixes

    Fixed some issues with the Demo Version, all of these should be fully working now without any...