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  • It seems to me that I'm too lazy to make new MZ plugins with my full time job, so I'm porting my easy, simple and small MV plugins instead.
    I hope I can port 1-2 such plugins per day, but this will be hard for me :)
    Before the full time job, I can make 1 MZ plugin per day, even though it's still hard; With the full time job, making 1 such plugin per week becomes just as hard lol
    Just watching an hour of some LP of CoD MW(2019), and I'm already liking that game, sadly my PC won't be able to play it :)
    Just uploaded a RMMV plugin video in youtube, and realized that RPG Maker MV is no longer in the list of game names there lol
    As I've written several easy, simple and small RMMZ plugins, I feel that I'm familiar with RMMZ plugin development. With the fact that I'm going to report duty for my full time job from tomorrow, I think I've to go back to finish my RMMV plugins, and I'd expect that to last several weeks or even months :)
    Just given a positive rating on Steam, even though my feeling on MZ's somehow mixed, and my positive just slightly wins over my negative(but I still believes that MZ will get better and better over time) :)
    Tried to use ES6 Map to store some battler properties, and while it's nice by accepting anything as key(and MDN claims that ES6 Map's faster as well), those properties are all gone upon load, due to Map not being serializable upon save. Now I just feel dumb on one hand, and hope that I'll be the only stupid noob making this beginner mistake on the other :)
    Just accepted a full time job offer after being jobless for so long :)
    But it'd also mean I won't have much time to work with MV or MZ :(
    Just checked the reactions to MZ on Steam and it seems to me that it's mixed in both reviews(right now 98 reviews with 63% being positive) and discussions.
    On the other hand, MV got about 80% positive reviews upon launch(108 positive and 27 negative), and now MV is rated as very positive(91% positive with 3515 reviews), so it seems to me that it'd be hard for MZ to be ever rated as overwhelming positive :(
    Just checked the VisuStella MZ plugins again and there are already 22(or 23) or them, as if MZ's already released(so I don't know how they can be this effective/efficient). It seems to me that those guys are really burning their lives to let us use tons of plugins one day 1 :)
    I've just checked the VisuStella Plugins for MZ and there are already 11 plugins. The Yanfly team(perhaps a big one?) really works so effectively and efficiently that some MZ users can likely use tons of Yanfly plugins right after MZ's released (still 13 days from now). I wonder if any other plugin developer(or team) will try to compete with Yanfly this time, no matter how slim the chance to win is :)
    I'm slightly disappointed that the MZ codebase still uses core.js, managers.js, objects.js, scenes.js, sprites.js and windows.js instead of core/Bitmap.js, core/Graphics.js, managers/AudioManager.js, managers/DataManager.js, etc...
    There's a confirmed case of Covid-19 who lives in the same building as mine, but fortunately I've been staying at home all the time for more than a week already, even though I might be ordered to enter a quarantine center any time soon...
    So far everything seems to be fine in the building I'm living, but the situation in my city's currently still out of control, I hope staying at home can indeed protect myself :)
    Just tried to access my pastebin, then cloudflare said the pastebin website has been flagged as phishing, so I guess many of my plugin download links are broken...
    Now I can just access pastebin again(I just have to login again), so maybe cloudflare had just wrongly flagged pastebin as phishing?
    Anyone here managed to never burn out on programming? My current limit is 3 months(6-8 hours per day, 7 days per week, 50 hour programming week on average), and then I just have to take a break, sometimes lasting few days(with at most 2 hours on programming per day). I've been always like this so far, so I admire those who can always be so passionate on programming :)
    What are your experience on trying to boost a MV project on an Android 7+ phone to a constant 60 fps? It's very hard for me(mine is 720x1440 px with Octa-core 1.8 GHz Cortex-A53 and Adreno 506), especially with an ATB system plugin. The best minimum I can get is 30+ fps :)
    also , if you gonna remove the character level in menu
    how you block it off codelike ..... do you go in rpg_scene and comment it out ? I don't want levels
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